The EDGE Patient Journey

The EDGE Patient Journey

Why choose
Edge Day Hospital?

Easier on the pocket

It is a surprise to most people how cost-effective our state-of-the-art, luxury facilities are for same-day, short-stay procedures.

The reasoning behind this, apart from us having our patients and community at heart, is fairly simple. By offering minor surgical procedures that mostly do not require an overnight stay, we avoid the 24/7 costs of major hospitals and keep our expenses down.

Promotes a smooth & stress-free recovery

Our advanced facility aims to accelerate the healing process. And owing to the types of procedures offered at Edge Day Hospital and our modern technology, recovery is generally faster.

Spending the initial hours after surgery in our peaceful sanctuary overlooking the Baaken Valley does wonders for the recovery process. Healing is further accelerated in that patients get home and back into comfortable, familiar surroundings as quickly as possible.

Unparalleled convenience for reduced anxiety

Because patients are generally admitted, operated on and discharged on the same day, we offer patients and their loved ones the peace of mind of planning ahead, along with being able to recuperate in the comfort of their homes.

On the rare occasion that an overnight stay is required owing to a more complex procedure, you can rest assured that one of our 4 overnight beds will be made available to you – along with the highest care and attention through the night.

State-of-the-art technology & equipment

The dedicated design of Edge Day Hospital was done with the surgeons, staff and patients in mind. The compact design of the facility also adds to the efficiency of our post-operative follow-ups before discharge.

We boast state-of-the-art technology in our Laminar Flow Operating Theatre and Digital Operating Theatre, with both of our theatres comprising advanced equipment and machinery – including a 3D Cone Beam Scanner.

Higher safety, lower risk

The procedures at our day hospital are less invasive, and this means there are lower risks and fewer complications.

Because we only do specific procedures, there is also less exposure to hospital-acquired infections. And while the pandemic is still at large, patients do not need to worry about being in proximity with Covid-19 patients either.

A positive multidisciplinary environment for all

Our day hospital is a positive environment for both our patients and our staff. Our nursing staff work regular hours without night duty and the excessive hours that come with it, and this adds to the level of service excellence that they can offer every day.

As a multidisciplinary day hospital, we have surgeons in most medical fields, as well as an experienced and knowledgeable nursing team. This minimises waiting periods and ensures fast turnaround times for surgeons.

The EDGE Patient Journey

Elective Surgery Admissions

Covid-19 screening

On arrival at our day hospital, all patients and visitors will be screened and either complete or present their completed Covid-19 questionnaire. Our staff are also screened daily.

Covid-19 testing

When a procedure is booked with Edge Day Hospital, the doctors will request that the patient and any accompanying visitors (should the patient be a minor) have a Covid-19 test done 72 hours prior to their admission. No patient or visitor will be allowed entry into the hospital for the scheduled procedure unless a negative test result is received. All of our hospital staff are equipped with full PPE to reduce the risk of transmission and all patients and visitors are required to wear a face mask when entering the hospital premises.

Admission process & online booking

Your doctor’s practice will provide you with a booking request form, but patients are also able to complete our online pre-admission document. This allows the hospital to prepare patient files prior to admission and minimise your waiting time. This is necessary to minimise the risk of transmission, too. Patients are also requested to obtain authorisation from their medical aids prior to admission and indicate the relevant details thereof in their online pre-admission document. Non-medical aid patients can request an estimate from the hospital if this has not already been done by your doctor’s practice. The hospital will confirm admission with patients prior to the scheduled admission date. During the pandemic, we encourage patients to not be escorted into the day hospital. We will contact the nominated next of kin once the patient is ready to be discharged. Although we encourage patients to bring minimum valuables to their scheduled procedure at the day hospital, each bed is equipped with a bedside locker for necessary valuables.

Theatre event

You are in good hands with the Edge Day Hospital surgical team. Patients can rest assured that we have taken all of the necessary precautions in our theatres to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19 and other infections.

Discharge planning and follow-up visit

Once a discharge instruction has been received from the doctor, the patient’s next of kin will be informed. Patients will also be informed of their follow-up date with their surgeon.

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